Landowners, Land Development & Building Plots

Not every property or piece of land is suitable for development, making it crucial to seek professional advice at an early stage to discuss your options. The relaxation of planning laws combined with the commensurate rise in property prices means that landowners with vision have realised that their land or property is worth considerably more as a developed plot rather than a residential resale.

Making the right choice to either sell as a serviced plot, build an additional dwelling, or even develop the whole plot as multiple units where possible can make your land highly valuable and sought after.

At Nu Home, we will guide you through the process, assisting you, each step of the way, so that you can then make the informed and best choice and as to the options available. The result? You maximise the true value of your land.

To discuss your requirements concerning your land or building development plot, contact Nu Home by email or telephone us on 01325 316 288.